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 Concept • Design  Illustration  Art Direction

The Y.R.S. Mag issue 1 (The Yellow Raincoat Society Magazine) features original illustration and prose by Lauren Seider alongside that of 10 contributors; classmates of Seider at the Kansas City Art Institute. The theme of the issue, ORIGINS, asks the question: where did the Yellow Raincoat Society come from? The resulting answers take form in short stories both mythological and childlike, accompanied by illustrations and comics reproduced in blue and yellow risograph.

The edition of 100 was printed in Kansas City, MO by Oddities Prints.

Contributors to the issue include: Allason Lewis, Coti Meier, Manny Vargas, Dana Sanginari, 

Emily Henebrey, Steven J Bolds, Neressa Bonitz, August Swindell, Madison Crabtree and Shafer Brown.

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