Examples include: fashion ideas and suggestions for yellow raincoat enhancement, important Y.R.S. notices and advertisements, stories of childhood ingenuity, reminders of the triumph of good over evil, and tales of optimism and growth.


The first issue of The Y.R.S. Mag was published in June of 2017 by Lauren Seider, and features 10 contributions by illustrators local to Kansas City, MO. The theme of the issue is Origins; answering the question, "Where did the Yellow Raincoat Society come from?" The resulting answers take form in short stories both mythological and childlike, with accompanying illustration and comics reproduced in blue and yellow risograph.


Allason Lewis

Coti Meier

Manny Vargas

Dana Sanginari

Emily Stout

Steven J Bolds

Neressa Bonitz

Harper Swindell

Madison Crabtree

Shafer Brown


The Y.R.S. Mag was designed, edited and curated by Lauren Seider.